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Jama visits with the crew at Insight.  Excellent overview of how National Benefit Auctions & Events works with their clients to create outstanding benefit events.  (Click photo)

"I cannot say thank you enough to this team of truly wonderful people, or our guide, Jama.  She has developed a great system."

~Kent Johnson

DeKalb High School Show Choir Fundraiser

117 E. Ninth Street

Auburn, Indiana  46706

(260)  925-2796

Your organization deserves the best frundraising event possible....let us help you create just that event!

    With over 1.5 million charitable organizations in the United States your event must be successful!  No matter how large or small your organization is, let our professional team of Fundraising Communicators help you create the perfect event. 

    Our team will help your committee get the right people there...and get them into the Spirit of Giving so that you can reach your financial goals and get back to the job of making a difference in your community!

Benefit Events are Valuable Entertainment!


We help you keep your mission in the hearts and minds of your guests while they have a great time giving.  We call this The Spirit of Giving and it is exactly what takes your event from being a fun party to being a signature event that grows your budget and your field of volunteers.

    Holding a Wine Tasting, Food Tasting, Sand Art Contest, or other one-of-a-kind Fundraising Event that does NOT include an auction?  You still need a Fundraising Communicator! 

    You cannot gather all of those people in one location and take the chance that you do not get your message in their hearts.  Let us help you make certain that your message is received and your guests give! 

    When guests commit to your message, they want to give to your cause both financially and with their time!  Let us help that happen for you at your next event!

    We work with Committees, Event Planners, and Wine Distributors every day to take wonderfully imaginative events to that next level where the Spirit of Giving is achieved and guests are asked to give in creative, exciting, and emotional ways so that not only does the organization raise the most money possible, but they gain exponentially, the kind of new support and volunteer excitement they were hoping for!


Your guests want to be a part of what you are doing.  Let us help you create that perfect partnership.

Call right now to begin the process of building your next exciting fundraising event with National Benefit Auctions & Events! 

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